Dubai Property investor visa | Three Year Residency Visa

To apply for a three year residency / Dubai property investor visa through property, you must:

  • Own a property which is completed and handed over to you

  • Own a property which is worth a minimum of 750,000 Dirhams (net of closing costs)

If the visa application is processed a few months after the purchase of the property an independent valuation will be required for the property to demonstrate its value of at least AED 750,000. This valuation will take into account the last ten transactions within the previous 3 months as well as current property listings and the condition of the property.

Ten Year Residency Visa – Golden Visa

This is a new option for Dubai property investor visas is available in Dubai for investors who invest AED 2 million or above, to be granted a 10-year visa. To qualify for the ten year residency visa, the property must be maintained for at least three years. The AED 2 million may be spread across three properties.

Retirement Visa

The United Arab Emirates announced this visa for those above the age of 55 who wish to retire in the beautiful city of Dubai. It is applicable to those who invest AED 2 million or have savings of 1 million plus a monthly income of at least AED 20,000.

Some additional documents required:

  • Your passport copy
  • The title deed of the property
  • 6 passport size photos
  • Current visastatus copy
  • Bank statements
  • Certificate of good conduct from the Dubai Police
  • HealthMedical insurance
  • Utility bill